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Percutaneous image guided needle biopsy in unusual locations.

With percutaneous needle biopsies performed under the guidance of imaging methods such as ultrasonography, CT and MRI, it is possible to obtain tissue samples anywhere except for the brain, spinal cord and the inner part of the stomach and intestines.  In needle biopsy, experience of the operator and quality of imaging (ultrasound, CT or MRI) are very important and in many cases, some manipulations may be necessary for safety such as fluid or air dissection. In the following examples, some rare biopsy cases of our department are presented. These examples demonstrate how broad the the field of application of percutaneous needle biopsy is and how beneficial it can be to the patients.

Unusual biopsies

Transgluteal biopsy of a rectal mass.
Paravertebral percutaneous biopsy af a mass in the osephagus.
Percutaneous biopsy of a small lymph node adjacent to aorta.
Percutaneous biopsy of a mass in the penis.
Percutaneous biopsy of a mass in the tongue..

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