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Laser ablation in interventional oncology.

Laser is an ablation method that destroys tumors with amplified light which creates heat in the tissues. Unlike the light in nature, the laser consists of monochromatic, coherent and collimated beam. Therefore, it is much more powerful than normal light.



















Laser is widely used in surgery, dermatology and dentistry. In addition, it is the most commonly applied ablation method in varicose veins patients. In tumor ablation, laser is one of the standard methods for the non-surgical treatment of benign thyroid nodules. Although it is also used in liver and prostate tumors, it has been largely replaced by other thermal techniques such as cryoablation, radiofrequency and microwave.





















Laser ablation

Laser uses a single color reinforced beam of light.
Laser ablation is frequently used in thyroid nodules.

Interventional oncology in cancer management

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