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Varisson Interventional Oncology clinics are the first and only (at least for now) dedicated interventional oncology centers in our country and nearby region. Our clinics are located in Antalya-Lara and Istanbul-Göztepe locations in an indoor area of ​​approximately 4000 m2. A total of 5 physicians and 18 staff work in our centers together with Prof Saim Yılmaz. Both our centers have high-level qualifications in terms of equipment and personnel, and all the treatment procedures can be performed in Antalya or Istanbul, depending on the preference of our patients.
Antalya Clinic
Address: Varisson Interventional Oncology Clinic, Yeşilbahce Mah. Metin Kasapoglu Cad. Nuri Mancar Apt. No:42/A
Muratpasa / Antalya / TURKEY

Tel: + 90-850-255 24 23
       + 90-534-551 0 551
Istanbul Clinic
Address: Varisson Interventional Oncology Clinic, Merdivenköy Mah, Dr Erkin Cad. No: 30 34732 Kadıköy, İSTANBUL

Tel: + 90-850-255 24 23
        + 90-541-540 0 777 

Interventional oncology in cancer management

Prof Saim Yilmaz, MD

Call free via Whatsapp 
+90850 255 24 23
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