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CT guided percutaneous biopsy of stomach and bowel tumors.

Stomach and bowel biopsy

Endoscopic biopsy is the standard biopsy method in the stomach, small intestine and large intestine. This biopsy is performed by the gastroenterology or general surgery specialists and is performed via endoscopy either by mouth or through the anus, and a large number of samples are taken from suspicious areas. This biopsy method is ideal for the masses growing inwardly towards the lumen. However, the gastro-intestinal masses sometimes grow outward, into the abdominal cavity. These masses cannot be biopsied in the classical way because they cannot be seen by the endoscope. In such masses, percutaneous trucut needle biopsy can be performed easily under the guidance of tomography and pathological diagnosis can be made.


















The percutaneous CT guided biopsy can be used for the  externally growing masses of the stomach, small intestine and large intestine. Many studies in the literature have shown that this method has an excellent safety and high accuracy. Percutaneous biopsy has been performed in gastrointestinal organs for many years in our center and no serious complication has been observed so far.

Percutaneous CT guided needle biopsy of a stomach tumor.

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